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Today's real estate markets are very dynamic, offering investors numerous challenging investment opportunities. As the global marketplace for real estate is more and more becoming an everyday reality, it becomes clear that investors turn to those real estate service organizations that are capable of devoting experienced resources to every unique real estate situation.

As a company operating on a global scale, EIKO positioned itself to provide the services necessary to achieve exceptional results in today's real estate market. With the focus on Swiss, German and American real estate markets, EIKO is dedicated to identifying potential investment opportunities, providing viable options and finding the most innovative investment solutions.

With many years as an owner, investor and manager of real estate, EIKO has a broad-based experience in international real estate investments and is able to provide highly sophisticated services to its international clientele. EIKO's personnel and associates have an extensive in-depth knowledge of the real estate industry and are a vital source for premium investments.

In order to achieve maximum efficiency, EIKO has established a full range of personalized real estate services that meet the unique and individual needs of its clients.

The fundamental concepts employed by EIKO are sophisticated and far superior to conventional brokerage practices. As the client's representative, EIKO provides comprehensive, value-added services at every stage of the acquisition, disposition and management process of the investment.

Acquisition and Disposition Consulting

EIKO's core service is to consult investors and owners in the acquisition and disposition of quality investment properties. We have aided clients from the private investor to pension funds, real estate investment trusts and insurance companies.

Financial Consulting

The financing of an investment is an important factor for the over-all performance of the income producing property. At EIKO, substantial efforts are being made to create innovative financing structures that meet our clients' requirements and generate the highest possible returns.

Property Management

Owners and investors in today's real estate market require experienced and professional management to increase the return potential, minimize the risk of vacancy and thereby maximize the value of their investment. We can take care of everything from monitoring the day-to-day operations, finding quality tenants, to arranging for and supervising necessary improvements and alterations.

General Services

To complete the service package mentioned above, EIKO offers various general services including strategic investment planning, portfolio analysis, market surveys, financial analysis, tax and insurance advisory, feasibility studies, and real estate appraisals.


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